Muay Thai Clinch Course Begins (diary entry)


Monday night’s lesson saw my client couple begin their course in the clinch for Muay Thai. We thought it best to start at the beginning as one of the two clients has not covered this area before and no one is above basics anyway, including yours truly. So, after a warm-up geared towards aspects of grappling as well as strikes I introduced the main knee strikes. These were performed as line work and also as muscle activation exercises. This was followed by basic footwork, layering in the plum hand position and its uses.

We then began the clinch in earnest by partnering up. Here we isolated forward and backward footwork patterns then circling and angling off all to set up and break an opponent’s posture. Next we added in spear and diagonal knee strikes. This was all done in a one-for-one fashion using pushes and pulls as well as stepping off line.

The lesson finished 2 x 2 minute rounds of clinching and knee striking to the belly pad.


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