Muay Mat (diary entry)

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This new series of classes for my client from Athena School of Karate were focused on looking at the different Muay Thai styles. We began with Muay Mat, the focus of this morning’s lesson.

The muay mat nak muay is a pressure fighter who uses heavy punches and low kicks. It most closely resembles Dutch Kickboxing, however, it differs in the shorter number of punches thrown. We trained three combinations working off the principle of cutting down an opponent’s range to mid-range. These were all delivered as a counter to a lead teep:

Jab/lead hook/rear low round kick

Jab/lead hook/straight right

Low rear low round kick/lead hook/straight right

We also looked at defences to all these techniques including the cover, the shield block and the shin-check.

I focused on the stepping actions used in Muay Thai. This came into play with the jab and the hook but especially with the low round kick.