Moving to the Lowline (diary entry)

low kick



Kicking things off again at 5:30 a.m this morning, my client has reached the halfway point of his 10 hour course on Basic Self-Protection. Today’s focus was on transitioning, proper coordination and technique training as well as the introduction of kicks.


We began with target familiarisation as a warm-up. My client practised reacting to confirmed threats and placing straight hand strikes, hook strikes and offline strikes to the correct targets. With all these areas drilled, we moved back onto the focus mitts where they were all trained at full power and with the addition of incidental combinations and the removal of obstructions. The next point of revision was transitioning. Here we looked at weak transitional points and how to correct them. Coordination training should come relatively early in a lesson in order that improving skills have a better chance of being absorbed. Finally we moved back onto the cover. We revised this from all the stand positions – attacks from the front and back – and then it was brought back onto the transitions.


Kicks were then introduced. I began by teaching the basic low round kick from standing. We looked at correct positioning, angulation and power generation. The kick or lowline strike is delivered as a backup weapon should the hands become entangled or not be presented as a viable option. Next we trained kicks from a grounded position, beginning work from lying on the side and from side-plank position.

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