Moving Through the Throws (diary entry)


The fourth of CCMA’s clinch/stand-up grappling for martial arts cross-training saw a smooth run through of throwing techniques and more defence work. The session began with a warm-up of neck-wrestling (Thai plumb position), bulling (collar and elbow tie-up), pummelling (over-hook/under-hook), arm-drag/counter and taking the back using the arm-drag.

We then moved onto entries into headlock takedowns, standard and spring hip throw and the small inner and outer reap throws. After revising basic breakfalls we then executed throws and, for the first time with this client, focused on the complete belly-to-belly and belly-to-back suplex. Moving back onto the lowline, we addressed the double-leg takedown using the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu style of execution – driving low with the knee and throwing the opponent to the side rather than driving them backwards.

The session was finished with some light free-sparring.

Trips and Traps Diary Entry

Countering Diary Entry

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