Moving onto Takedowns (diary entry)



Saturday’s second lesson brought my two junior clients up to hour two of their course on clinch/stand-up grappling. We went back through rolls and break-falls, getting better flow and improving technique before we moved onto high line and mid line takedowns.


The warm-up consisted of Indian press-ups and Indian squats. This was followed by basic rolls forwards and backwards. We then linked in break-falls from the front and back before covering shoulder rolls and side break-falls.


We then locked up in the collar and elbow tie to drill bulling transitioning exercises and outer reap takedowns. The outer reap takedown was performed as a series of entries, looking at breaking balance and securing a dominant grip. Then we practised the actual takedown. Next we moved onto the arm-drag and taking a rear waist-lock. This was followed by forward and backward waist-lock takedowns.

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