Moving onto Scarf-Hold (diary)


Friday night saw the fourth hour of my junior course on Basic Submission Grappling. We revised the previous lesson’s material and then looked at submissions from scarf-hold.

The lesson began with various movement exercises and specific callisthenics including the various crawling and snaking exercises. Then we went through the pin flow-drill from both sides and then both sides under mild escape pressure. Next we revised the Kimura set-ups from side control. This was a series of attacks and counters to counters from the position using the familiar Kimura hold. We began with the Americana and then went to the Kimura and from there to the near-side arm-bar.

From scarf-hold we looked at a simple near-side arm-bar us a scissor-leg position. We also looked at the American arm-lock again. Next lesson we will cover the first choke.

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