Movement and Southpaw Fighting (diary entry)

Boxing southpaw19.10.20

My second Monday night lesson saw the beginning of a 10 hour Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training course with a new client. This client has been training for 15 years in Muay Thai and that includes in-ring fight experience. It was a new challenge for me and I enjoyed being able to introduce new concepts to an individual with firm knowledge on the art.

After a warm-up of skipping my client went through some basic combinations before we explored using Western Boxing concepts in Muay Thai. This began with footwork, including the pivot and the diamond step. I layered on boxing combinations and then Muay Thai combinations. The main point of this aspect of training was to teach striking whilst moving. Next, we explored switch-hitting and southpaw strategies. Southpaw strategies involve fighting from and against a southpaw fighter, where the fighter seeks to position themselves on the outside of an opponent’s lead foot. This positioning facilitates leading with rear side techniques and using angled techniques from the lead side.

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