Mount Defence & Jabbing Tactics (diary entry)

Striking from the mounted position116.11.2022

These were my last two Wednesday private lessons. My junior MMA client looked specifically at defending from under the full mount position. My senior class focused on the five tactical jabs I covered in Tuesday’s lesson. 

The first class began with establishing an adaptable covering defence with bridging and snaking. We discussed the perils of over-bridging when defending the mount where a fighter can end up surrendering their back. Then we looked at different ways to trap the arms and escape. A single over-hook is the most obvious and basic defence. Here the fighter can just bridge against this trapped side and turn the opponent onto their back. However, a more savvy opponent will post with their arms higher. Here we looked at the front waist-lock defence. This is strictly a transitional position that can temporarily protect the fighter from legal strikes. However, as covered in last week’s lesson, it can also make a fighter prone to being submitted in a monoplata shoulder lock. From the waistlock, I taught counter-posting against the opponent’s high posting arms. Here a fighter can either work against the elbow and pin an arm so they might bridge as in the previous defence or snake away from the arms and move to either a hip out escape to standing or a heel hook or ankle lock position.

The first lesson finished with 2 x 2 minute specific sparring, defending against the mount.

The second class, as mentioned, was a repeat of Tuesday’s material. However, I also brought in some padwork and we only sparred for 2 x 3 minute rounds of jabs versus everything.



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