More Two-on-One Work & Sparring (diary entry)

2on1 weapon restraint1 single leg 231.08.19


I just taught one part of my usual duo of junior clients this Saturday. We have reached our seventh hour of their basic course on clinch/stand-up grappling. Today we revised a lot of material, due to the large layoff between sessions, and I also focused on developing the two-on-one as well as sparring.


We warmed up with dynamic stretching and wrestling callisthenics. Next we moved onto break-falls and rolls. Then we moved onto bulling to set up for the two-on-one. From here we looked at entries into both the suplex and the single leg takedown. We then revised under-hooking to get the suplex position as well the front and back waist-lock takedowns.


After some flow work on breaking and acquiring grips, we moved onto a five minute round of sparring.


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