More Speed Kicks (diary entry)

speed kick diarykick jamie26.10.20

Monday night saw the tenth hour of my client’s course that has recently been focused on developing speed in kicks. Last lesson we mainly looked at the technical side of gathering more speed along with some conditioning. Tonight, after going through a through dynamic stretch and warm-up we plunged into four tabata sets, each of these use basic techniques at high speed. The first three sets consisted of simple two-kick combinations – the objective here was to get the speed on each combination whilst pausing between each combination – and the last was a straight burnout on a simple technique with no pauses.

Tabata 1 – 8 x Low Inside Round Kick/Lead Liver or Head Round Kick

Tabata 2 – 8 x Low Outside Round Kick/Lead Liver or Head Round Kick

Tabata 3 – 8 x Low Outside Round Kick/Rear Spleen or Head Round Kick

Tabata 4 – 8 x 45 Degree (no-pivot) Round Kick (alternating legs)

The lesson finished with some static stretching to help reduce delayed onset of muscular soreness.

Wonderful little speed and power kicking workout on the heavy bag. Combine it with his punching workout for a great 30 minute specific combat conditioning routine.

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