More on the Hook Punch (diary entry)

Hook Punch (close) darker10.02.20


On Monday night my client reached the sixth hour of her third Muay Thai course and we looked at more details on the hook punch as well as the v-step and combining punching combinations with kicks.


We began with a warm-up on the basic combination. Here we took a closer look at both the hook and the v-step. We looked at pivoting the front foot whilst keeping the rear foot pointing at the target. The v-step emphasised angling off and retaining the integrity of the stance before throwing the hook. The Muay Thai hook, like all their punches, relies a lot on using the body to generate power and the step helps generate this off a lead punch. Similarly they have a preference for the step-jab over the basic Western Boxing jab.


We then put the six punch combination together and also trained it fast bursts between other combinations, foot-work and head movement drills. I then added on the round kicks, building up through the first four punches.


The lesson finished with two rounds of sparring, the first focused on Boxing and the second on Muay Thai.

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