More Oblique Kicking (diary entry)



My client’s current programme of revisiting basic Muay Thai focused mainly on the oblique kick. This was formally introduced towards the end of last week’s technical lesson.


The warm-up consisted of a series of isolated line-work. We built up individual punches, then punching combinations and then punch/kick/knee/elbow combinations. This moved us onto partner work, where we focused on the clinch. We revised the set-ups for sweeps and diagonal knee-strikes.


Then we began work on the oblique kick. From stand-up, we drilled striking to the upper leg, hip and spleen or liver. These were set up with jabbing and jab/crossing. The oblique kick was also executed using a switch-kick action. After targeting we trained this on the Thai focus mitts to develop more realistic impact. Next we trained the same kicks in the clinch. Kicking to the hip is more of a pushing technique and is excellent for creating distance to set up for a knee strike.


The lesson finished with three rounds of sparring.

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