More Muay Thai (diary entry)

muay thai small shin block OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA26.03.19

Tonight my client completed his eighth hour of Basic Muay Thai for martial arts cross training. We specifically looked at kicks and introduced both the back kick and the spinning elbow.

Training began with our usual warm-up routine of callisthenics and dynamic stretching. We did some mirror foot work, distancing and placing techniques. This was followed by going through the basic punch/kick combinations, where we looked at effective transitioning from the switch kick and retaining balance with the teep. In addition to addressing the follow-on kicks as we went through the one to four punch combinations we looked at the teep/low round kick combination.

We then addressed effective intercepting of kicks with checking moves and the art of breaking the balance of the opponent. This moved us onto kick catching and the use of the spinning elbow. From here we addressed the use of the back-kick and its use as an offensive and defensive weapon.



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