More Muay Mat & a Counter (diary entry)

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Today’s morning teacher training also focused on the Muay Mat combinations covered in previous blogs and last week’s class. We got down to some important details regarding angling and closing in for the shovel hook. I also introduced a muay tae or muay femur style counter to the muay mat. Whereas the muay mat is all about using heavy punching combinations, usually short in comparison to Dutch kickboxing, with powerful low kicks, the muay tae is all about seeking good kicking opportunities. Those opportunities are usually round kicks to the body and head. The muay femur is the all-round technician of Muay Thai, supposedly excellent at all ranges. However, much like the out-boxer in Boxing, they tend to be strong defensive fighters who pull off their beautiful techniques and combinations when exposing an opponent’s weakness. In this instance we used a back-step from a low round round kick and countered with a round kick to the body. The back step avoids the low kick but it also creates momentum for the power kick.