More Mitt Work (diary entry)

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My 1.5 hour client had another mitt only class on Boxing.

We completed the following workout:

5 minutes dynamic stretching and muscle activation exercises

12 x 3 minute rounds (active rest for the first six)

  1. Footwork only
  2. Layered in head movement (proactive as well as reactive head movement)
  3. Layered in slip and straight punches
  4. Defence only (catching, parrying, blocking, shoulder roll and head movement) with footwork
  5. Counter punches
  6. Left hand only (right hand fixed to head)
  7. Left hand only (right elbow fixed to ribs)
  8. Freestyle after active rest straight punching off the elbow (with both elbows fixed to the side)
  9. Operation left hook (set ups for the left hook)
  10. Operation right cross set ups for the right cross)
  11. Freestyle
  12. Non-stop intensive punching (1 minute straights, 30 seconds hooks, 30 seconds uppercuts, 30 seconds shovel hooks, 30 seconds overhands)

Static stretching and PNF stretching.