More Grappling Bag Work (diary entry)

heavy bag ground 2 Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 17.55.0907.05.20


The eighth hour of my client’s Mixed Martial Arts course looked at more solo bag work for grappling. My client was outside and I instructed through video link how to execute double leg takedowns and supplexes. This was followed by transitioning through pins.


We warmed up with shadow boxing, sport-specific callisthenics and dynamic stretching, going through stand-up and clinch movement. Then my client brought out his heavy bag, which is not hung up, and we began drilling the suplex. This was then linked with back mount striking and submission. Next we did the same with the double-leg takedown, drilling the lifting version so that my client ended up in side control where he drilled the beginning of our pinning transitions.


Pin transitions began with simply going back over what he learnt with me during his Submission Grappling course. Then we continued the striking we had covered in previous lessons, completing the full range of pins with appropriate strikes. Finally we did the transitions, going both clockwise and anticlockwise, using striking combinations and finishing with submissions.

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