More Fighting the Reverse Side (diary entry)

shin block15.08.19


Thursday began my client’s new course on sparring development. We will still be following progress from the previous two courses, but there will be a larger emphasis on fighting conditioning and better sparring in general. Today we looked at Western Boxing and Muay Thai.


The warm-up looked at agility ladder and cone activities, focusing more on tightening up footwork along with general coordination. The first half of the lesson generally covered the same ground as Wednesday’s lesson. We looked at fighting a reverse guard both from the southpaw and orthodox perspective. We attacked the lead and rear leg using pendulum and switch kicks. We made use of trapping slap-down parries to set up various rear side techniques.


The lesson finished with six rounds of sparring, three were Western Boxing based and three were Muay Thai. Two rounds out of the two sets were specific sparring, restricting the two fighters to reverse sides.

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