More Escapes from Side Control (diary entry)


Screen Shot 2020-06-19 at 15.21.54 Screen Shot 2020-06-19 at 15.22.58Tonight my client completed her fourth lesson in her second MMA course, which has largely become a Submission Grappling/Ground-Fighting course. We continued going over pin transitions and spent more time on escaping side control.

The lesson began with ground-fighting callisthenics. These moves began with the bottom position as we dynamically stretched through upas, snakes, side winders and did some neck conditioning. I also introduced three exercises to drill the guard position. We then moved onto the top position with bear crawls, spider crawls, monkey crawls and seal crawls.

My client and her lockdown partner then both drilled pin transitions from both sides where I corrected certain details as they went. Next I had the partner being pinned to offer mild resistance throughout the pinning before we began covering escapes. We went back over the reversal from both sides, checking for details such as getting the hips under the opponent’s hips and rolling with them as they are reversed. Then I focused on the snake/shrimp escape to closed guard. Core engagement was highlighted as well as the system of pushing the hips away, bringing in the elbow and the knee to frame before moving into the guard position. Finally, we looked at using the snaking/shrimping escape against the head-lock version of side control. Here the forearm’s ulna bone is pressed under the opponent’s shin and used as a frame as the fighter snakes out and continues the same escape process as before.

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