More Dirty Boxing Teacher Training (diary entry)

Against the Cage114.01.20


My teacher training continued with more Dirty Boxing work. We drilled both collar tie and hooking pummelling exercises. From here I began layering forearm bumps, the ear rip and the under-hook into the cross-face. These strikes are directed to the sciatic and femoral nerves in the legs. The ear rip allows for a greater manipulating of the head than a standard collar tie. The cross-face from the under-hook is then combined with this technique for even greater domination. By exerting pressure around the face the fighter can create certain psychological advantages whilst clinching. At this point I introduced low knee strikes directed at the legs. The object of these techniques is to wear down the opponent until they make the decision to either go for a takedown or create distance to take the fight to the outside.


We then ran back through the basic jab/cross/hook/bump combinations, each finishing with two punch combinations. We revised the straight shoulder, upward shoulder and elbow bumps. I introduced a knee bump. This is all about range manipulation, although the bumps add in surprise close range moves to help break the morale of an opponent.

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