More Clinch to Ground (diary entry)





Tuesday night’s first lesson brought my client’s second Submission Grappling/Ground-Fighting up to the final lesson. Next week we will begin my client’s first Mixed Martial Arts class. Tonight we went over the takedown into submissions and added some more.


We began with the sprawl/guillotine/double-leg takedown drill. From here we went back over the sprawl/anaconda/gator roll combination. Then I introduced the sprawl/rolling arm-bar combination. Looking at this from the double-leg takedown perspective we then went into a full takedown with a slam into a knee-pin/spinning arm-bar. Next we went to the collar-tie position and looked at snatching the grip into a reverse Kimura two-on-one arm control. From here we took the opponent down into a submission from side control. This entire sequence involved spiralling downwards with the opponent and then rolling under. It led us into taking an arm-bar from the clinch. We finished with five minutes of submission sparring beginning from the clinch.