More 2-on-1 Work (diary entry)


Wednesday night’s 1.5 hour lesson continued work from the two-on-one, looking at counters and ways to get a takedown. This moved us into the lat whip where we performed a less explosive variation. Keeping on the two-on-one we moved gable grips and Nelson holds. This brought us on to the Greco-Roman version of fighting from turtle. It’s an altogether different game and the position is known as the Par Terre. Rather than simply getting the back, the person on top fights to turn the opponent.

We then sparred for 6 x 3 minute rounds:

Round 1 – Drilling from collar and elbow tie into sparring from this position

Round 2 – Drilling from over-hooks and under-hooks into sparring

Round 3 – Par Terre

Round 4 – Par Terre

Round 5 – Free Sparring

Round 6 – Free Sparring

It is important to point out that I am not a Wrestling coach and do not pretend to be a teacher of Greco-Roman Wrestling. I have learned various clinching and wrestling styles over several years from different coaches, and am using inspiration from the Greco-Roman style to enhance their cross-training experience.

We finished the session with 10 minutes of static and PNF stretching.