Mordred’s Victory and Other Martial Mutterings


“Jamie Clubb is a polymathic writer with enthusiasm, insight and great talent- read his book!” – Robert Twigger, author of the award-winning “Angry White Pyjamas


“I’m really pleased to see Jamie’s very impactive range of articles brought together in one book, ‘Mordred’s Victory’.

“For many years we have always been pleased that we could publish some of these intriguing articles on the British Combat Association website as Jamie has been one of our leading Instructors and exponents of modern combatives and martial arts within the Association.

“Personally, I have a great enthusiasm for Instructors who are able to
produce thought provoking and well written articles on the key issues and concepts of the combat world and articulate the reality behind what many people often over-simplify when it comes to translating traditional martial arts to conflict situations. ‘Mordred’s Victory’ has a wider brief, however, than just dealing with practical issues and covers a host of key issues, especially the teaching of children – an area I know Jamie is passionate about.

“I recommend this book to anyone with a real interest in martial arts and self protection, training, or teaching.”

Peter Consterdine

9th Dan Karate, Co-Founder of the British Combat Association

“Jamie Clubb’s book is soon to be released! Jamie is a good friend and I believe him to be one of the most thoughtful, insightful and erudite martial artists I’ve ever met. Phone calls between Jamie and I are never short affairs (“quick chats” typically last over an hour) as we share thoughts and bounce our various martial musings off one another. I’m really delighted that this book will offer some of Jamie’s thoughts to the wider martial world. Definitely a must have for every thinking martial artists; regardless of your background.”

Iain Aberthethy, author of “Karate’s Grappling Methods” and”Mental Stregth”

“These articles ask important questions about tradition, ethics, and several other martial concepts. He regularly challenges the reader with simple reason and logic to break through misconceptions and limiting beliefs in the area of self-protection. Jamie shows himself to be very knowledgeable in a wide array fields. These fields include martial arts history, zoology, evolutionary psychology, and sport specific training – to name a few.”

T.J. Kennedy, founder of Hybrid Fighting Method, Canada

“…it is a real pleasure for me to write this short introduction for my old friend Jamie Clubb and I highly recommend this book and Jamie to anyone who seriously wants to delve below the surface of martial arts and explore the infinite subtext of budo.”

Geoff Thompson, 7th dan Karate and author of “Watch my Back

“Remember a time when you have to take a class or subject with which you are not familiar and find it really hard? You fear that no matter what you do, you won’t be able to do well in it. But miraculously you get a teacher who explains things like they are a story. You enjoy yourself, get entertained and before you know it you have learned things. You have memorized facts and figures. I felt the same way when I finished reading this book. Once started I couldn’t put it down.”
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