MMAyhem in the third official online workout (diary entry)

rashguard trainingrashguard training213.09.20

Sunday morning kicked off with a 12 round train along routine. This will be the third official routine offered on the CCMA channel. It was an invitation only event for all those who bought the CCMA rashguards. The routine differs from the previous two in the respect that movement is continued during the rest spots to keep the heart rate up and as a form of active recovery. Rounds included one dedicated entirely to speed, another to virtual pad-work, another to virtual sparring and regular rounds specialising in certain ranges such as stand-up striking and ground-fighting. As it turned out, the nickname given to this one ahead of time, “MMAyhem”, was quite apt. Without sound on my timer, we ended up missing one entire “active recovery” and several rounds ran over. However, it will serve something of an endurance test for all those who choose it as part of their regular training.



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