MMA & Wrestling (diary entry)

DSC_0115ground and pound 204.08.21

Wednesday night’s first lesson focused on junior mixed martial arts training. It has been a long time since this client has covered unarmed combat arts and decided to give him a lesson of overall run through the different areas. We began with a warm-up of dynamic stretches and MMA specific callisthenics. Then I started him on the focus mitts using MMA gloves. Once he was comfortable throwing combinations and defending, I layered in takedown defence, knee strikes and the clinch. Next we went to the ground with attacking and defending from the turtle position and the guard.

The second lesson covered stand-up grappling. I use wrestling as a general term and it is really just a general hybrid from the various wrestling disciplines I have studied, but it roughly resembles something close to freestyle wrestling. After drilling the collar and elbow, arm-drags and defence from the rear waistlock, we did a series of rounds:

4 x 2 minute rounds – 2 x grip fighting & 2 x asymmetrical takedown/takedown defence sparring

2 x 5 minute rounds – freestyle sparring


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