MMA through the Ranges at Kingham Hill

Striking from the knee pin120.06.18


Today was the final lesson of this term’s course on Self-Defence/Mixed Martial Arts. Last lesson we switched entirely over to the MMA programme. This lesson offered a mixture of basic footwork, clinch, kicks and submissions.


The warm-up began with various techniques on the move – blitzing/bull-rush forwards, side-step transitioning from stand-up to clinch ranges, sprawl/knee combinations, snaking/shrimping and bear crawls. Everyone then partnered off for some important mirror footwork and coaching. Simple prompts consisted of jab/cross, sprawls, spear knee strikes and double-leg takedown entries.


We then moved onto the clinch and looked at the Muay Thai approach. Here I introduced the neck-wrestling of the plumb position. From here the spear knees were taught in conjunction with moving an opponent’s body. We discussed and explored reactions to pushing and pulling whilst controlling the head more so than the neck in this position. This led us onto a set up for a round kick to the leg.


We then went to ground and trained from the guard position. The basic arm-bar and the triangle choke were both taught from this position.

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