MMA Technical Overview (diary entry)

ground and pound 2 mma takedown24.01.20


My client’s final lesson in this MMA course consisted of a technical review of most of the material covered. We did not cover techniques against the cage/wall, but did cover certain aspects that have transferrable value.


The lesson began with a series of gentle callisthenics and dynamic stretching. We then switched to mirror footwork and switching levels. From here we began using the pawing jab from Western Boxing. This allowed the fighter to gauge distance whilst distracting the opponent enough for power shots from the rear hand. I chose the speen shot/shove hook, encouraging my fighter to drop levels. The technique also moved in at an angle from where I then put on a single leg takedown. We went to Muay Thai’s close relative to the pawing jab, the long guard/frame. This technique creates distance whilst setting the opponent up for a powerful rear leg technique. I chose the knee bomb to send the opponent backwards into the wall. From here we then added on another double-leg takedown. The third part of this series looked at Wrestling’s relative to these two opening techniques: posting from standing. The post involves pushing an opponent whilst dropping your hips back in response to an attempted low-line attack or shoot. We set this off on an angle and then switched to a cobra punch or superman punch followed by a hook.

We then review the Dirty Boxing combinations and also discussed extra uses of the knee-bump and shoulder bump. Within the clinch we set up the shoulder-bump to face as well as the body. We combined the use of the shoulder with body shots, low knees and sweeps. The cover was then touched upon in revision, establishing its use to attain the high line, the mid-line and the low-line takedowns as well as striking in the clinch options.

We then moved onto the ground and looked at the shoulder-bump’s usage inside guard and in conjunction with body shots. Changing to the bottom position, we covered the use of the half guard to either set up a dog-fight sweep or a knee-bar.

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