MMA Stacking (diary entry)



This morning my client’s course finished at the five and a half hour point of his course on Mixed Martial Arts Ground-Fighting. This one hour lesson was entirely focused on fighting inside the guard. We trained standing up in the guard, stacking, passing, punching combinations and transitioning into submissions.

We began with top position callisthenics – bear crawls, stiff-leg bear crawls, lizard crawls, frog jumps and monkey crawls – followed by bottom position callisthenics – snakes and crab crawls – and then by movements inside the guard – rolling to combat base, combat base walking and butterfly guard walking. Partner-training looked at standing up in the guard and bearing weight. Here we looked at how the dead-life and the clean can applied to training the stacking posture.

Then we went straight to dominating the guard. This began with a revision of punching combinations on the focus mitts and then in application – jab/cross/shovel hooks and jab/cross/hammer-fist/cross.

Next we looked at basic guard passes – going though using combat base and going over using over-hooks around the hips. This was then layered into stacking and striking inside the guard. We also looked at different options how to stand up in the guard. Finally, we covered three leg-lock counters from a stacked position.

The lesson concluded with one five minute round of MMA specific sparring in the guard.

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