MMA Self-Defence Adaptation

eye gouge standing

This morning we covered the final hour of my client’s course in Basic Mixed Martial Arts for Martial Arts Cross-Training. As with subsequent courses, the lesson brings my client back to his self-protection line. For the most part, this is a revision of the culmination of techniques taught in his original self-defence course and an examination of how strong MMA’s attributes are in this respect. MMA, being an art dealing with all ranges of unarmed combat and combining techniques from different disciplines, provides an exceptionally strong base for comprehensive self-defence training.
Training began with a look at the fence. This area immediately distinguishes self-defence from MMA, as it focuses lining an individual up for a pre-emptive strike within the confines of the law. Nevertheless, the techniques thrown from this range can all be found MMA. Certain targets are off-limits, but they can be adapted either way. After covering pre-emption, we went into recovery, kicking from the ground and anti-grappling. The grappling positioning found in MMA reinforced better movement and stronger postures. Adaptation-wise, my interest was in having my client limiting his options and mainly focusing on disengagement once the threat had been neutralised rather than looking for tactics to totally dominate an opponent. There were add-on techniques such as the head-butt and eye gouge, but MMA still provided a robust background for fighting from the back and being familiar with the clinch-ran

See the below video for more information on personal training in martial arts and self-protection in the Oxfordshire region

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Photography by Charlotte Von Bulow Quirk

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