MMA School Project (diary entry)


Friday night’s second session was booked as part of a mixed martial arts project my new client is conducting at his school. We went through several ideas on how to proceed. When a new client comes to me with the mandate to teach them mixed martial arts, my usual advice is for them to go through the composite discipline course of boxing, muay Thai, wrestling and submission grappling before learning mma in earnest. On certain occasions I have just gone directly into mixed martial arts and there are also clients who lengthy martial arts backgrounds that train in a buffet style. Our initial plan was to go with the first suggestion. However, when I heard about his course I saw that there might be a time constraint issue. I therefore decided to compromise by teaching MMA in a cumulative fashion. So, for example, today we looked at a simple footwork principle for defence and angling off that was taught first in boxing and then in muay Thai.


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