MMA & Rubber Guard Revision (diary entry)


My last lessons on Wednesday were my junior MMA and senior Submission Grappling. In the former we went through boxing, kickboxing and a new strategy on the ground. In the latter we looked at linking up the basics of Eddie Bravo’s Rubber Guard in a flow pattern.

The first lesson began with our normal warm-up specific and muscle activation exercises. We then went straight into boxing. After some assessment on my client’s defence against straight rights and some basic combination work, I focused on the Sugar Ray Robinson body jab/rear hook to the body/circle out. We moved onto kickboxing and we looked at the rear round kick/rear hook combination. Here I had a closer look at my client’s stance and posture. When we went to the ground, I assessed an MMA strategy to use standing up from the guard to set up traps. The lesson concluded with 2 x 2 minute rounds of sparring.

The second lesson went through four major rubber guard positions – mission control, New York, chill dog and invisible collar. These were trained in a culmulative flow exercise, each position flowing into the next. We will use this a regular warm-up piece for our work in this area. The lesson finished with 1 x 5 minute sparring.


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