MMA Revision & Trapping (diary entry)

Against the Cage1



Tonight’s lesson on transitioning MMA took the focus onto trapping. We spent the majority of the class going through all the ranges. This began with a series of movement exercises – snaking, butterfly guard movement, combat base knee-walking and various footwork. This was followed by transitioning through all these postures on the move. Finally punching combinations were added on top.


We then changed to partner work. This began with mirror footwork, drilling two, three and four punch combinations as well as general freestyle boxing work. Kicks were then added on followed by punch/kick combination entries into the clinch. From here we brought in clinch setups for knees and elbows. Then we covered punching/take-down combinations and defences. Training went to the ground with through, under and around guard passing followed by sweep and submission entries from closed, half, butterfly and hook guard. Submissions included kimuras, oma platas, triangle chokes, arm-bars, taking the back into rear naked chokes, lockdown into knee-bars and heel hooks.


Finally, we got onto the trapping. Tonight, we drew influence from Roberto Duran and looked at how he sought and controlled the clinch in western boxing. We covered the circling hook, used to get inside a standing guard and then tie an opponent up for punches from the free hand. Other points covered included using the head for safety and to add control, pulling the hips back to generate power for mid-range punches, and the single collar tie. Trapping work will continue next lesson.

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