MMA Guard (diary entry)



This morning’s lesson brought us up to the nine hour point of my clients 10 hour course in Basic Mixed Martial Arts for Martial Arts Cross Training. This lesson focused on fighting from the guard position. It is the second part of the MMA ground-fighting section.

Working from the guard offers the MMA fighter with three strategies: escaping to a standing position, sweeping and submitting. The MMA fighter typically values these three options in the order I have just listed. This is often different for the grappler who might place the sweep first. All of this is dependent on individuals, but the current stage of the sport dictates this approach more than any other order. Self-defence dictates the same order as MMA.

Escaping concerned blocking or kicking the hip from the guard, snaking/shrimping out and regaining a standing position. We drilled the movement solo first, then as a progressive partner exercise. The partner exercise was layered with attack and defence techniques. Sweeping concerned the scissor guard and the Kimura sweeps as well as a quick look at the electric chair sweep/submission from half-guard/lockdown. When we covered submissions properly, we looked at a set-up for the leg triangle.

Sparring consisted of a round of specific sparring from guard and full MMA sparring. The latter was covered to bring the sporting side of MMA to a close. Next lesson will concern MMA’s adaptation to self-defence.


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