MMA Ground-Fighting Begins (diary entry)

ground and pound31.10.2022

My couple client began the first hour of their new Mixed Martial Arts Ground-Fighting course. After a warm-up of sport-specific exercises, including drilling attack and defence from guard, we went through striking from different pins.

This began with side control where we looked at knees to the hip and ribs as well as elbows to the side and head in addition to hammer-fists. Moving into scarf-hold, we looked at hooks and hammer-fists to the head. In north-south we covered hammers and hook punches to the liver and spleen. Knee-pin brought in over-hand punches and straight punches. Mount had straight punches and hooks, but we mainly focused on the hammer-fist to over hand combination off the same hand used to clear the cover and strike the head.

The lesson finished with 4 x 3 minute rounds – 2 x focus-mitt work and 2 x specific sparring.