MMA Combos 6-8 & Muay Thai (diary entry)

kick to pads28.04.2022

After recovering from a work-related back injury, my long-time client returned to finish at the 5.5 hour mark of his scheduled 10 hour (7 session) course. We are working through some set MMA combinations (thank you MMA Shredded!) and finishing with two rounds of one specific discipline. Last session we covered MMA combinations 1-5 and finished with Boxing. This time, having a shorter time allotment, we finished off this series of combinations with 6-8 and completed 2 x 3 minute rounds of Muay Thai.

The combination work highlighted stance-switching and some interesting tempos. My concern was stance integrity through the transitioning. Certain movements, such as the switch-hook, can tempt a fighter to strike a bladed stance that does not transition well for the shoot. We looked at ways to compare and blend certain movements. The shoot, for example, can be disguised as a body jab or bob and weave motion.

MMA Shredded’s last three double-leg set up combinations were:

  • 6: Jab – Step Out – Step in – Jab – Cross – Jab – Double Leg Shot Combination (I understood this as a Boxing orientated, baiting combination)
  • 7: Jab – Cross – Switch Kick – Jab – Cross – Switch Stance – Right Hook – Double Leg Shot Combination (Muay Thai style covering a lot of distance)
  • 8: Slip the cross – Left Hook – Jab – Jab – Overhand Right – Double Leg Shot (defensive forward pressure using power/speed/speed/power tempo to set up the shoot)

During the Muay Thai we first focused and more Dutch orientated combination punch/roundkick work with defences and then switched to more traditional Muay Thai with clinch work combined with outside boxing, including exits from clinch.

We finished the lesson with some good static stretching, focusing on helping to relieve strain to my client’s back.

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