MMA Combination 8 & The Dead Orchid (diary entry)

jack and jamie pads jack and jamie pads 209.03.2022

Wednesday’s fifth and sixth lessons were junior MMA and senior Submission Grappling. In the former we looked closely at technique and the final combination of this set. In Submission Grappling we covered the dead orchid submission from the rubber guard.

Junior MMA’s combination – slip/cross/hook/jab/jab/overhand right/double leg shot

This combination begins with a power punch off a slip. Typically slipping is best done when an opponent throws a big punch and this slip cross is tailor made for taking advantage of that big right hand. However, once throwing that punch the fighter shifts back to the lead hand. When coming off a right the lead hook should be executed as a power punch. It beautifully pairs with the right. Once it is thrown we are assuming the opponent is now primed for more bombs to be dropped. This is why the lead hand now transitions to a double-jab and changes the rhythm only to get set for that big overhand right and then ploughs throught with a double leg.

Senior Submission Grappling began with a revision of the Z-guard to catch to rubber guard set-up. From here we went back through the gogo plata and omaplata submissions followed by linking them in combination. Next we explored some variations, including the adjusted gogoplata using the other leg and the dead orchid submission that uses a double-arm triangle choke.

This lesson finished with 3 x 3 minutes of sparring, two starting in Z-guard and one from stand-up.