MMA Clinch to Ground (diary entry)

standing arm triangle



Tonight’s lesson continued with MMA clinch-work, revising Muay Thai entries and adaptations, but focused on set-ups using the elbow and collar tie. We also did some ground work.


Training began with western boxing and Muay Thai shadow boxing, moving onto wrestling entries. This was followed by partner work, which included neck-wrestling, lock-off positioning for knee strikes, shoulder trapping and arm-triangle trapping. We then moved onto over-hook/under-hook pummelling. From here we looked at setting up knee-strikes, elbow-strikes and takedowns. Most combinations revolved around a shovel hook to the body/inner-reap sweep from the clinch. A single-leg takedown off one of these combinations was finished with side control, hammer-fists to the head and an opposite side arm-triangle submission. The shovel hook/sweep combination and the hammer-fist/opposite arm-triangle were later applied to the focus mitts.

Extreme Academy arm triangle

The lesson finished with a round of specific MMA sparring, beginning from the clinch range.

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