MMA Clinch (diary entry)

body clinch17.11.2021

Wednesday night my client continued his work from the clinch. This time we explored it through MMA and worked our way through 12 themed rounds:

  1. Collar and elbow-tie drilling and sparring in MMA gloves
  2. Layered in under-hooks and over-hooks
  3. Layered in foot sweeps and Muay Thai sweeps
  4. Layered in leg grips and ankle picks
  5. Layered in full takedowns and throws
  6. Layered in knee strikes
  7. Layered in body punches
  8. Layered in leg kicks
  9. Layered in body kicks
  10. Layered in punches and kicks to the head – full MMA clinch sparring
  11. Full MMA sparring
  12. Full MMA sparring

Training this way did a lot for encouraging a better use of the clinch and to go for a wider variety of techniques.

We finished with 15 minutes of static/PNF stretching.