MMA at Kingham Hill

Straight right_1



Today’s lesson at Kingham Hill School shifted our attention from self-defence to Mixed Martial Arts. It was time to look at this training in earnest and within the context of the mainstream sport. We warmed up with a series of aerobic specific training exercises – blitz running, reaction direction test, sprawl/knee burpees, snaking/shrimping and bear crawls.


I then taught the jab from a Western Boxing perspective. This technique sets up a tremendous amount and its importance cannot be underestimated. We trained it stationary and with movement. Then I taught the low jab and the cross, eventually putting it all together into a simple three-punch combination.


The crouching/squatting position for the low jab coming off a high jab is almost identical to the set up for a jab/double leg takedown. We covered this next to show the ease of transition and how to combine striking and grappling styles.

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