Mirror Stance MMA Transition (diary entry)

single leg 2low kick jamie04.11.2022

Hour six of my client’s basic Mixed Martial Arts programme concentrated on another set-up from an angle. This time we looked at a more Muay Thai based combination compared to the Boxing based one from last week. We used a teep bait and scoop defence. The fighter throws a teep to the body to encourage a return in like from their opponent. Anticipating this retaliation, the fighter counters with a scooping block and then switch-kicks to the outside of this prone leg. This is then combined with the single leg takedown. My client was introduced to this particular takedown for the first time. After grounding the opponent, the fighter moves into full mount and strikes to get an armbar.

The lesson finished with a five minute round of MMA pad-work on the Thai focus mitts.


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