Mind over matter – “The Soapie Diaries 2” (diary entry)



Today's training was all about overcoming personal barriers and re-setting the proverbial bar. High Intensity Interval Training seems to prove a lot of what is being said about the Central Governor Theory [my recent article that mentions this concept] Seeing that my student could barely jog down and up a single hill just under a fortnight ago to see her do four hill sprint full-on was a rewarding experience. I hasten to add that if you look back over the "Soapie Diaries" you will note that she has done no hill-running at all since that initial session. CGT continues to be a very attractive idea.

Tonight's Session:

Hill Sprints

Tyre Training – HIIT – six minutes with 10 second periods

1 x minute step-ups/box jumps

1 x minute side-to-side jumps

1 x minute dead lifts

1 x minute rapid downward strikes

1 x minute assisted tyre flips

1 x minute rapid side strikes



Some inspiration from YouTube! Hill SprintsBox JumpsSide to Side JumpsTrap Tyre Dead-LiftDownward Tyre StrikesTyre FlipsSide Tyre Strikes

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