Micro Ranges in MMA (diary entry)



We reached the eight and half hour point of my client’s MMA course, looking a lot at Dirty Boxing tactics to manipulate ranges.


We warmed up with some basic callisthenics before a five minute round of light MMA. During this round I used a lot of clinching and dirty boxing techniques in order to illustrate some the points we would cover later.


We then revised the slap-down parry entry into the collar-tie punching. At this point I introduced the Dirty Boxing combinations I have been covering in teacher consultancy on Tuesdays and in my regular senior MMA class every Wednesday. These involved the two shoulder bumps, the elbow bump and the knee bump. From here we moved onto the rip from the collar tie and then combined it with an under-hook/cross-face clinch for low knee strikes.


My intention with this client was to look into switching between inside and outside stand-up fighting. This is a transition between clinch and stand-up, but it is a little more subtle than that. The bumps are used both in Wrestling and Western Boxing for a fighter to exit whilst impacting on the opponent and immediately following up with a strong stand-up combination. Within the clinch there ear rip and the cross-face are methods tying up the upper body whilst chipping away knee strikes are used.

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