Making Basics Better (diary entry)

Dempsey book 821.10.20

Wednesday night continued my client’s current work in footwork and fluidity. This is a regular theme at present amongst my stand-up fighting clients with some variations.

After warming up, we looked at punching in isolation. The idea was to promote flow and check recovery. Straight punches, uppercuts and hooks were trained as two-punch combinations. First we isolated them as a constant flow then as sharp two-punch combinations and finally we transferred the sharp two-punch combination to my client’s heavy bag.

Next we moved onto footwork – pendulum, side-step and pivot. These were trained in isolation, broken down and then trained again to promote flow. Appropriate punching combinations were then layered on. We then revised active guards, parrying and evasions. Next I took him through the same footwork exercise that my first Tuesday night client has been training. Finally he did an intensive Technique/Speed/Power round comprising of 6 x 30 second parts. Technique looked at freestyling all the information covered – footwork, evasions, active guard and basic combinations. Speed covered straight punching and then uppercuts. Power addressed lead and rear hooks.

Next week we will continue with this theme but pay especial attention to the hook.

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