Lowline Takedowns & Diamond to Long Guard (diary entry)

image00013 image00016 image00010 image00016 image00012 image00013 image00009 image00005 image00001My last lessons of the day consisted of junior clinch and senior Muay Thai training.

The junior clinch brought us back to the basics of stand-up grappling. We drilled collar and elbow transitioning followed by over-hook/under-hook pummelling. Next we moved onto wrist grips and breaking as well as breaking posture. From here we re-examined the double leg before moving onto the low double leg. Finally, we introduced an ankle pick. This will be a technique we will work on more next lesson. The lesson finished with a round of stand-up sparring.

The senior Muay Thai class continued our work from the diamond guard and the long guard. In the former we looked at throwing various elbow strikes before adapting some of the counter-punching techniques previously taught when covering the boxing cross-arm guard. We then chained these punches with kicks. Nex the long guard was brought into play. Blocking and countering a lead hook was covered as was throwing a jab and chaining on kicks and knees. Finally, we switched between these two guards. The lesson concluded with 5 x 3 minute rounds of sparring:

Round 1 – Jabs and teeps versus defence only (working the diamond and long guards).

Round 2 – Ditto with the roles reversed.

Round 3 – Hooks and round kicks versus defence only (working the diamond and long guards).

Round 4 – Ditto with the roles reversed.

Round 5 – Free sparring.