Low Kick Clinic (diary entry)

low kick jamie low kick25.02.20


My teacher training was entirely focused on low kicks this Tuesday night. We trained for their correct execution, defence and chaining with punches and other kicks.


We used the Dutch style of drilling low kicks, prompting immediate return kicks after receiving a kick. This was first done directly to targets and then as a shin-check exchange exercise. We looked at correct pivoting and driving through the target. The use of the hands also came into play before we began adding on punches.


We used the following low kick combination – shin-check/rear round kick/lead round kick/rear round kick. This execution is delivered as a zig-zag. The first kick is directed to the opponent’s lead leg sciatic nerve (outside of the femur/quadriceps). The second kick is directed at the lead leg’s femoral nerve (inside of the femur/quadriceps). The final kick is a destabilising technique taking full advantage of the acceleration afforded to it by the greater distance and cuts into the rear leg’s femoral nerve at an angle.


We then put in opposite side punches to accompany each kick to promote the punch/kick behaviour we have been developing. After this, we went through the first two of our basic punch/kick combinations – jab/round kick, jab/cross/round kick.


Next lesson we will take a deeper look at the Dutch Kickboxing approach to training drills, building fast hand combinations with strong low kicks.




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