Long Guard Variations (diary entry)

IMG_1830 IMG_1834 IMG_1837IMG_1838 IMG_183917.10.2022

The penultimate lesson of my client couple’s submission grappling/ground-fighting course continued our work in the open guard and, more specifically, long-range guards.


Tonight we looked at two set-ups using spider-guard like transitions. The spider-guard, like last week’s hook/De La Riva guard, is not best suited for no-gi grappling due to the reliance on hooks and grips. However, the range is very important and there are certain principles that can be used in a transitional nature.


The first technique began in butterfly guard and involved single-hip control, kicking out one leg to attack. This is a decent set up for arm-bars, shoulder locks and triangle chokes. The second technique was a sweep where the arm control aspect of the spider-guard is used to set up for a sweep.

The lesson finished with 6 x 2 minute rounds of specific sparring, focused on open guard defence and passing.


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