Lockdown Work (diary entry)



Tonight’s class continued our work on the half-guard. As promised, we specifically looked at the lockdown. All our warm-up was partner-centred, gradually increasing range of mobility and intensity as the exercise drills progressed. We did under-hook/over-hook pummelling, butterfly guard sweeps and butterfly guard arm-drags. Then we immediately reviewed the basic lockdown sweep.


From this position we looked at under-hooking the leg and passing an arm (handcuff), which we previously covered in the lesson before last time. We then added some contingency plans if the client tried to attack with a choke or sprawl. Next we explored a couple of Eddie Bravo-style techniques. This included the electric chair submission and the twister neck-crank. The lesson finished with some specific sparring, passing and defending the half-guard.


The next two lessons are intended to better integrate the half-guard into the rest of the submission grappling game and then see how it fits into Mixed Martial Arts. However, due the vast amount of details involved it is worth noting that we might spend more time on certain aspects than originally anticipated.

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