Leading with the knee? (diary entry)

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Today’s lesson consisted of a basic overview of techniques from all three ranges of MMA. The warm-up included a bit of traditional line-work to get the motions correct with the straight knee strike and the double leg takedown. Both techniques involve an understanding of how to let your body weight penetrate through the target. I appreciate this is pretty much what any linear technique involves, but few require so much commitment. You virtually overbalance yourself when your throw a full-bodied straight knee strike and you send both you and your opponent crashing to the ground with a well-executed low double-leg takedown. Raw basic techniques are to concept-based training what anecdotes are to scientific reasoning. They serve as useful illustrations if shown correctly.


We then did some fast twitch muscle work on the focus mitts – 30 second rapid straight punching, 30 second rapid straight punching upwards from a kneeling position, 30 second hooks and 30 seconds from the guard, holding a half crunch position to work core strength. Next we went straight onto our proactive freestyle pad work, working from all postures and ranges and interrupted with specific combinations. Some students even performed this as a two-on-one drill.


Next up we trained some attacks and defences with the single-leg takedown. We began with a simple breakaway and then looked at a simple sweep, which involved upending the opponent. Then we looked at a stronger breakaway from a deeper takedown attempt and finally a throwing counter from a very deep attack.

We moved onto the guard position on the ground and looked at the basic shoulder lock or oma plata. It was picked because those in attendance tonight had experienced the most difficulty in applying it over the past couple of lessons. With little time on our hands this was taught in the traditional step-by-step manner and then sparred specifically. 

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