Layering in Low Line Attacks (diary entry)


At hour six of my UKSO Cotswolds’ teacher client’s clinch course on clinch-work, it was time to allow attacks to the leg. Up to this point we have been exclusively training upper-body holds and takedowns. This way he has had five hours of establishing grips and positioning, mainly focusing on sag takedowns.

After a warm-up of appropriate muscle activation exercises, we sparring for three minutes under the upper body clinch rules.

The most obvious first stage of low line attacks was some simple Muay Thai style knee-bumps from the clinch. Such takedowns complement the Greco-Roman work what with the higher grappling stance. Then we brought in foot sweeps, trips  and reaping throws. Again, all of these work from a higher stance. Next lesson we will begin switching levels.

The lesson finished with two further three-minute rounds allowing low line attacks.