Layering Basics (diary entry)

footwork drills


My second lesson of the day brought my two junior clients up to the fourth hour of their 10 hour course in Basic Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training. A spring-loaded free-standing heavy bag Christmas present ensured that a good portion of the lesson consisted of learning how to best use this tool. For the most part, the lesson was concerned with layering all the previous lessons.

We began with footwork and looked at maintaining the integrity of stance as well as guard. This was done through backwards/forwards footwork, lateral footwork, angling footwork and circling footwork. Throughout these partner-based exercises the students looked at openings and weaknesses in their opponent’s defence. Next we added in slipping and ducking. Then we added the jab, working it to the head and the body, before adding on the cross. This combination was worked against the heavy bag, where it was incorporated into different tactics. We trained moving inside and out as well as angling off. Next we added in the lead hook. From here we trained the three and four punch combinations.

This was moved onto the focus mitts before two rounds of sparring. Sparring varied between normal sparring and working defence only.

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