Lateral Movement & Kicks (diary entry)

Kickboxing Thai Boxing Combinations Skype Online Training (1) Kickboxing Thai Boxing Combinations Skype Online Training (2)22.01.21

The final hour of my two lockdown clients’ 10 hour course of stand-up fighting, brought them up to combination nine. As previously described, one of the lockdown students is recovering from knee surgery and we are adapting these combinations as he continues to heal.

In addition to introducing the new combinations we also went back over combinations six to eight. Combination six uses two back/hammer-fists and one spinning hammer-fist. Combination seven teaches moving up and down targets in a set up for a long knee strike. Combination eight uses kicks to set up drawing footwork and punches. The latest combination is very typically Dutch in execution. It involves a lengthy Western Boxing style punching combination chained with slipping, weaving and lateral footwork to set up a big body kick.

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